Starting Seeds Show Notes: Episode 4 – Amber Powell (on gallivanting, roots, and alpaca yoga)

In our third interview, meet Amber Powell, an accomplished automotive professional in the Atlanta area. The longest episode so far, El and Amber spoke for two hours and we almost posted the whole video! But instead, we took the key parts, which really boil down to: how do we maintain balance in our lives when we’re prone to burn hot, how do we grow when we’re met with trouble, and how do we trust that we are taking care of ourselves while actively taking care of the world around us?

We talk a lot about how to weather difficult life experiences, whether it’s trying something new or completely rebuilding your life after being uprooted whether by choice or unplanned circumstance.

Amber is a naturally positive, upbeat person with a litany of fascinating life experiences, experiences that would be tough individually — and through it all, she has become even more kind and generous. So, join us as we investigate how to manage busy schedules that are often self-imposed, how we shouldn’t be comparing established gardens/lives with our own gardens/lives, how we can bounce back after pain, and how we can learn new things even when it’s scary.

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Featured Image Photo by Camille Brodard on Unsplash