Hello, friend!

I’m El, a web professional with 6 years of experience as a graphic and web designer in the private and educational sectors. I have experience with Project Management, HTML/CSS/JS, Google Analytics, and managing clients in a few CMSes: mainly WordPress and CommonSpot (a CFML-based software geared towards education), but I’ve also assisted clients with Wix, weebly, and squarespace sites.

Smart design, empowering clients, and Oxford commas make me happy.

Feel free to skip this and look at my CV, below!

Resourceful, inquisitive, and peace-seeking, I find joy in harmonizing data & intuition; looking at the big picture but remembering the details. Creating for the eyes and heart, but letting reason and data guide it.

Never stop learning.

I’ve always loved art and communication, but I love learning the most.

I completed my M.S.E. in Environmental Engineering in 2011.

My master’s thesis was The Impact of Metallic Biocides and User-Compliance on the Effectiveness of Biological Sand Filtration, which I wrote while teaching a course to freshmen on the basics of Engineering Design (EGR 107). I presented this learning at conferences and for Mercer on Mission outreach sessions and was ultimately submitted and accepted to the Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development. 

Through all of this, while engineering accessible technologies spoke to me, good communication through smart design spoke louder.

Good communication matters.

Upon graduation, I fully pursued web and graphic design: from logos to full websites, working for myself and for rad people through LimeCuda and Mercer University.

I’ve only looked back on my training as an engineer to check: are my solutions sustainable, are they accessible to everyone who needs it, and are they the best solution for the client’s budget and time?

I’ve since focused my career on learning about User Experience, Web Analytics, and Project Management – finding tangible ways to improve the design and development of websites.

Don’t be shy; let’s chat.

I think the future is in multidisciplinary endeavors, asking lots of good questions, and walking through life open-handed.

If you think we’d be a good fit, I’d love to talk with you and walk you through how my experience and expertise will help you and your business grow through a focus on meaningful design and good communication.

Elizabeth’s Curriculum Vitae