Starting Seeds Show Notes: Episode 3 – Dr. Caitlin Collier (on caring for people, plants, children, and gummy bears)

In our second interview, meet Dr. Caitlin Collier. Caitlin is a Family Medicine doctor in South Carolina, raising two boys that she adopted after bringing them home as a foster parent.

Caitlin’s interview was delightful to me personally because Caitlin has always been a warm, humble, thoughtful person who doesn’t take herself too seriously, who has always been constantly doing the hard work of caring for others. Specifically, Caitlin is now a M.D. who is now not only exemplifying those characteristics while taking care of her patients, but also teaching other soon-to-be-doctors how to care for those around us with empathy, intention, and joy.

Join us as we also talk a good bit about fostering, adopting, and the grief that comes with deciding what is important and how we’re going to make that important thing happen — especially in a world where we’re told by social media, our communities, and our own desires that we can have it all. What if we actually can’t, and how do we cope?

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Featured Image Photo by Natalie Rhea on Unsplash