Welcome to STARTING SEEDS; a podcast loosely about hobbyist gardeners but more about literal grounding: what can we learn with our hands in the dirt? What does it tell us about ourselves and the world around us?

STARTING SEEDS is based on the thought that as humans, we turn to nature for comfort, creativity, and inspiration. And in that, lessons we learn in tending a garden or caring for plants spill over into our personal, professional, and private lives.

Modern thought leaders want to give you a silver bullet or quick way to fix your relationships, business, or the hole in your heart. STARTING SEEDS is built on the idea that there is a fire, there is magic in all of us and there is nothing new. We’re all evolving, growing like the old parable suggests, like mustard seeds.

What connects us, and what can we learn from each other? Stay at home mothers, business professionals, day laborers, retirees, we’re all learning the same lessons, lessons that belong to all of us.

Thank you for joining us as we put our hands in the dirt.

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