Starting Seeds Show Notes: Episode 2 – Forrest & Dave (on potato berries, board games, and doing what you can)

In our first interview, meet Forrest and Dave, Kentucky natives who live outside of Louisville. Forrest is an Instructional Designer and Dave is his loyal pal who “helps” with the garden.

In this episode, join the three of us as we talk about Forrest’s lineage of gardening, from his parents, to his great aunt, to his use of heirloom black beans, and how he uses each of these influences to ground him in his day-to-day life.

We’ll talk about taking life as it comes to us, the fact that potatoes have berries, and board games. Ultimately, we hope you’ll take out of this that gardening is for everyone and starting somewhere is better than never starting.

Resources mentioned:

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Download the transcript below.