Design Thinking

I’m beginning to think maybe I should just set the bar lower and update once a week since that’s just…what’s…happening here.

Nah, I’ll keep lying to myself. I see value in blogging every day, just need to habitualize it better.

After getting back from NOLA, I had a beautifully productive week, meeting with a few clients and getting some very, very nice mockups completed for two beautiful clients. Technically, we launched a client site (BCP, for linking later when the redirect is completed), but after pulling them up I’m seeing that I just need to follow up with their tech person to make sure those redirects are up.

This week, I’ve been equally as productive.

  • I’ve written up a proposal for print work for a client
  • Worked through Interaction Design Foundation courses and been learning a lot of cool things and about a lot of cool people
    • Will have to watch the Design Thinking Movie
    • Learned about IDEO and Design Kit, specifically their mindsets, and David Kelly!
    • Heard about and have officially had my interests piqued in their multi-disciplinary approach (same with IDEO).
    • Learned the definition of design thinking (linked to IBM video on design thinking and how it works) and how the process of Empathize – Define – Ideate – Prototype – Test can help create meaningful solutions for users.

Design Thinking! I’ve spent years focusing on Appropriate Technology from my Environmental Engineering days and trying to find my way through the web world using that as a guidepost since I didn’t know the term for the multidisciplinary, empathic path that I knew in my heart I wanted to pursue. So grateful for IDF and their materials, it’s opened a whole new aspect of tech, innovation, and intention for me.

Things to watch and read later:

I’ll check in with you later today. 🙂 What cool things are you learning?

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