Setting the Course

Tell you what.

I had originally intended to take a course after we returned from Scotland this fall, but in cleaning out my passwords, I’ve come to realize I have a wealth of courses I should pursue first.

I spent a good chunk of time today reviewing courses I’ve signed up for, paid for, started and have yet to complete over the last few years. Dumped them into a repo so I can better track them, in addition to books I am keeping up with.

Between holidays and traveling and picking up my own business, frankly, it makes sense for me to bust my butt to get these done as fully as possible, and I’m really excited!

Also on the list of things completed today:

  • Pulled together a proposal for a client website
  • Watched Chris Lema’s WordSesh on 45 Ways to Improve Store Conversions
  • Did some research on FOUC/FOUT for explaining to clients
  • A few other things that seem to be of little consequence.

Will also spend some time researching an impending trip to NOLA. Expect photos soon. 🙂