Five Days Out

I did some good work today.

  • Moved our company processes into Clickup (It was mostly copypasta, and a little bit of organization)
  • Worked on some module organization and strategy in Figma
  • Met with a client on how to use our CMS
  • Read a chapter of Lean In (It’s a Jungle Gym, not a Ladder)
  • Had three cups of coffee
  • Fixed a redirect problem for a page that a client wanted a vanity URL for
  • Downloaded Brave
  • Learned about (specifically their Good Work/Standards)

At lunch today, I spoke with some ladies who were interested in my plans after MU. I realized two things:

  1. I’m very insecure about how people perceive what I intend to do with my time
  2. I don’t summarize very well, especially if I’m talking about myself.

I think –beyond creating an elevator pitch about El — I’d like to do better about speaking in general. It’s not that I don’t feel engaging, I think I just prattle on too long. Perhaps I’ll start doing Toastmasters! I also would like to create some tangible structure so I feel more confident about this move. I know it’s the right time.

Tomorrow, I have an exit interview and another client meeting.

And I’ll probably think through what I want to do with this site.