Re-Cycle Macon

Frankly, whenever I get a call from Eric Mayle (or anyone at Centenary) I literally say ‘yes’ before I’ve heard the whole pitch. CCMI and Centenary are run by a group of beautifully vision-driven people who are constantly working to create a better community in the Middle Georgia area, and I am humbled and grateful that they have entrusted me with so much design work in the past 10 years.

This said, when Eric (and his co-director, Laura Suggs) mentioned a communal program that was recycling used bikes to friends who don’t have transportation to get to work or the doctor or church, I was sold. Add in that it would also seek to include people of disabilities, encouraging community around the cycling community, it was a no-brainer. Of course I wanted to be in on this project. Of course this beautiful, complex dream was something I wanted to be a part of.

The more the two of them talked about Re-Cycle, I was moved to create a mark that was completely integrated. The purpose of Re-Cycle isn’t to create handouts or dependency, but to include and create methods of inclusion for people who have been on the outskirts of polite society for ages. Re-Cycle is specific to Macon, specific to the heart of Georgia, specific for the unique social climate and topography of our automobile-based community. As such, while the bicycle within the mark can stand on its own as a decoration on the page, as a watermark or element elsewhere, it is completely integrated in the logo and if it was missing, the logo would be incomplete.

If you are in the Middle Georgia area, are into cycling or just wanting to make our community a better place, like them on facebook, check out the upcoming events they’re hosting and see how you can get involved.