Centenary Community Ministries

Opportunity. Protection. Faith.

The Centenary Community Ministries logo is a door, full of symbolism in many ways:
  1.  Community and Family – The door represents security, love, and rest. The front door welcomes guests, but also protects the family and community from the elements.
  2. Opportunity – “Get your foot in the door,” “My door is always open,” “That event really opened doors for me,” the metaphor goes on. Doors are our pathway to something good, something better. CCMI is about creating those opportunities for our community.
  3. Faith – Jesus said, “I stand at the door and knock,” implying it is the individual’s choice to choose a new life, and once they choose it, Jesus would come in and share a life-giving meal with them. CCMI believes that faith is transformative and available to all.
The styling of the CCMI logo was intended to be blocky, reminiscent of woodcarvings or block printing. The door is adorned with stained glass, and is ajar, representing opportunity and welcoming new family. The colors were chosen to show a connection with Centenary Church—they are the same palette of earth tones.