Body Awareness

I’ve personally been seeing Rodger Fleming at Body Awareness Performance and Massage Therapy for a few years now. Whenever I talk about him to people, it typically starts with “Listen. Rodger is magic.” or some variation thereof. And it’s true, it’s maddening that you walk into Rodger’s office, tell him what’s bothering you, and an hour later, he’s worked out whatever was ailing you. I’ve spent many hours in a chiropractor’s office, so to have the knowledge of a dude who not only knows bodies but gets how they work all together without the hoity-toity crunchiness of a chiro, I was thrilled.

Rodger and I have spent a lot of time talking through our personal businesses and goals and have both started our push for more around the same time. It was a perfect fit, and I’m thrilled that he wanted me to work on zhuzhing up his branding and web presence, not just as a friend but as a colleague!

Rodger is in the process of expanding his offerings for Middle Georgia, taking sports massage and recovery options and making them more accessible for your average Joe. As such, he needed a professional and stylish set of branding marks and general media packaging that portrayed an air of confidence that he often belies with his caring and casual demeanor. He knows his stuff! He’s spent nearly 20 years as an Athletic Trainer, and is constantly learning and implementing new tools for his clientele. He deserves to have a solid brand that portrays confidence and sportsmanship in its simplicity.

We worked on creating a new mark, website, and also a more cohesive social media presence. I’ve spent time researching sales options that work for him and also  add value for his clientele, like MassageBook or adding giftcards, or creating marketing plans for reaching out and partnering with gym owners.  It’s been a fun project and I enjoy supporting something I truly believe in.

If you’ve been hurting and haven’t been able to do things that you need or love to do, give Rodger a call.