Leg of Lamb (and Failure)

Papa has this tendency to buy large portions of red meat when people come to visit. It doesn’t really matter how many people there are or how big their appetites may be, 2lbs of meat per person is the standard at each meal.

In the morning, I was clipping away at a proposal (which turned out very well, I think…but you know how proposals are, they don’t really mean much unless the client likes it. Regardless, I think it’ll be a good iteration of my proposals in general, so…there’s that.) and Papa threw the boneless leg of lamb on the counter and stated that I (yes me, Elizabeth) would be responsible for cooking dinner.

I’ve never cooked leg of lamb, but Serious Eats had this beautiful recipe and I was excited.

I did a great job of working ahead of time to make the day go smoothly, prepped it, let it rest in the fridge, would pull it out 4 hours before Kristin got home since the recipe called for 3-4 hours of cook and rest time.

Well, I overcooked the lamb so that was sad. It was tasty, but sad. Haha, oh well!

I also spent some more time learning through IDF and taking those dumb doggos on a walk and a little bit of swimming, despite the rain.

Emailed two proposals and headed home. Coming home was a relief. While I love my grands, I don’t always get to focus as well since I want to spend time with them. Regardless, I’m grateful for the opportunity to spend time with them…and learn a few things about how I should cook lamb, next time ’round.

Things I read and watched: