Drummers, Doctors, and Doggos

I’ve spent the last two weeks feverishly setting up two new clients, creating branding guides and marketing strategies. I keep doing this thing that I know is stupid, where I start working without a contract or payment in place. I keep just getting excited about projects and people and possibilities and I just want to get my hands dirty. I can’t help it! But I know, I know, I need to do better and set better boundaries. It’s taking me cool places, though. Spoke with the drummer for the Allman Brother’s band, a doctor who is going on a road trip for education, and all the while I get to enjoy the stupid faces of my lil doggos. 🙂 I am thrilled about the momentum I’ve stumbled upon and while I’m not stupid enough to think I will maintain this measure of success (I’m very grateful for it), I’m just going to take it in, remember how it feels, and manage it wisely, for myself and my clients.

I’ve also thrown my hat in the ring for a board/co-chair position with Bragg Jam, a local music festival. A handful of people I really respect are on that board and I think that it’s something I could work on and be proud of for my community. They actually are focused on contributing to our local parks situation, including trails along the river walk and other things that I personally benefit from. Time to put my money…errr time…where my mouth is! As I told Leila and Holly,

it is something I absolutely am interested in committing to. Being a part of a team that wants to focus on what Macon could be instead of what it was or has been, creating value for the city and it’s citizens, and working side by side with friends on something I can be proud of sounds like it hits all of my high points.
Beyond that, I have a super long list of things to read, I’ve admittedly spent more time on clients than on personal+professional development this term. Will do better in this coming week!