Happy 2019!

I figured if I wrote this on the last day of January, I can still say I wrote a post at the beginning of the year. Right? Riiiiight???

It’s been a doozy of a January. We found a leak in our kitchen, which means we have the great pleasure of redoing the kitchen and bathroom. Mold, asbestos tile, you name it, I feel like we’ve got it. We’re currently living out of a wine fridge and toaster oven in our guest bedroom. I’m not too mad about it, I’ve been able to eat SO MANY poptarts. (Don’t worry, also green things and protein, I’ve not completely given up on life…)

Beyond that, we’re picking up on Bragg Jam, Helpdesk Buttons, a logo for Re-Cycle Macon, and a few print projects I’ve got running. I’m going to try and regularly post about a client or project mid-month and do these normal posts as filler. Did you see the one about MRN?

I’m currently reading Reading Lolita in Tehran as well as reading The Phantom Tollbooth to my friend with CP, Kayla. I read a Program Design Manual from Juggernaut Training Systems as well as Maximize Your Potential early this month, so I think I’m pretty on track for 8 books this year. We’ve taken the puppies hiking a few times and I’ve been doing a good job going to meetings, including volunteer and friend meetings.

I’ve just listed a bunch of seemingly random things but I promise there is order in there; that’s my list of January goals. There are a few other things I hope to accomplish today, but we’ll just keep moving forward and see what happens. (Mostly, I had wanted to finish some online courses I’ve been dancing around, but I think maybe that’s too much for this month, considering the just super crazy month it’s been…)

So anyway, Hi, happy 2019, excited to see where this year takes us!