Malawi Reformation Network (MRN)

I’ve been spending a few hours every month helping the Malawi Reformation Network clean up their print marketing. While they have some great bones going for them, sometimes they just needed a little zhuzhing to seal the deal, and I was glad to be of assistance!

This month, I’ve helped them create and print a poster, a half-page double-sided flyer, a postcard, and a quarter-page invite card.

The double-sided flyer was the first design push. As you can see on the left, there really were some good starting elements, it just needed more cohesiveness and order so the reader could get the key information from the page and not be confused or overwhelmed.

The invite card was also a fun small project. It’s great to think of design work as just finding ways to communicate better with your audience. Let’s cut back on the all-caps. Maybe emphasize the important parts. Add color in a way that pulls in the eye instead of distracts it.

I’d love to assist you with your next print project, whether you need a new design from the ground up, or you have some good ideas and would like some counsel on how to take it to the next level. Shoot me an email or fill out my contact form and we can get started today!