December 2018 is for performant design

It’s been a minute. I’ve been making stuff for (launched last week), and as well as some really rad updates for some LimeCuda clients, INPAX + Rest Haven Homes. Some neat stuff coming up, been creating things from posters, tattoos, and stickers to UX wireframes, content, and GUIs. Really across the map, it’s been fun stuff.

I’ve continued to soak up a lot of good articles in the world. This week, it’s been UX and page-performance focused:

Along the same lines, (read: I’ve continued to work with sciter and I want to add a progress bar so I’ve been reading a lot about best practices) I’ve also spent a lot of time continuing to research sciter and CSS grid. Of note there:

For anyone following along, I canned a framework and we’re just making our own. Specifically because we wanted to keep the package as small as possible.

It’s a little funky but it’s been a good learning experience.

I also got an iPad Pro this past week from my buddy Todd and using the Apple Pencil with it has been a dream. I think I might finally be done with paper!

We also got some new furniture for our bedroom and it looks fantastic. I think I’ll make it the featured image here so you can enjoy it too.

Anyway, I’m still here, still trucking, loving how this is all working out. ‘Til next time! 🙂

<3 El