First day of…freedom?

When everyone asked me what I was going to do with my “free” week, I think they’ve been surprised that I’m booked through and through.

Woke up this morning after sleeping in just a little, took the dogs on a walk, did dishes, and went over to my friend’s home.

We did some squats (my legs still feel bad from yesterday’s workout!) and I took a business call, and part of that was sort of plotting my future.

I went to the bank and finished setting up my business account. From there I:

  • Did a lot of laundry
  • Worked on client sites
    • I started a mood board for a client today based on sites that they’ve specifically pointed out enjoying. They’re in Figma, and for the most part it’s just full page screen shots of those sites along with a list of notes on what they need. Enjoyed finding and using Chrome’s shortcodes for Developer tools and Full page screen shots.
  • Made NOLA reservations
  • Had dinner and drinks at Amici with friends
  • Researched AirBNBs in Edinburgh

Things I read/listened to today: