Cud Crew

The first time I met Mark and Jill Vanderhoek, I knew that we’d be friends for life. Earnest, funny, idealistic, and brave, we’d spend hours talking about the agricultural industry, local farming, and what we can do to create a better future for everyone. (We would also spend hours discussing Arrested Development, grilled cheese with pickles, and gin and tonics, but those are stories for another time.) Separately, they’ve worked at a slew of non-profits, including those fighting for good mental health care in our local community and support and treatment for men and women with breast cancer. Together, they’ve done delightfully admirable things like launching Macon Roots and raising three delightful little girls. All that being said, it wasn’t a surprise when they announced their newest venture: Cud Crew – sustainable land management using…sheep! I designed their logo and typography choices, while doing some light styling on this site.