I don’t like P!nk’s older stuff.

And that’s coming from someone who has tickets to see her in March.

I’m trying to listen to all of her stuff so I can be ready and I just…that whole R&B, britney spears feel, I can’t get behind it. Like, I think it’s just symptomatic of my lack of knowledge about large swaths of music history, but it’s just funny to see musical artists grow and evolve in the same way that all artists do. (I’m looking at you, Piet Mondrian. 😍)

Speaking of art and evolution, the last week has been a bunch of interesting learning on my part, so I’m pretty pleased.

Listened to some of Cut Your Learning Curve, specifically

The nice thing from #20 that I picked up was Chris’s idea of a “Monk Mode” and “Power Hour” — where the first two hours of your day are planned out. The first hour is no-devices; moving, centering, and thinking about what you need to accomplish. The second hour is where you just work consistently for the hour…and anything after that for the day is bonus.

Used it today and got some fantastic review work done. Love it! I need to do better about going to the gym in the mornings since my schedule is wonky, but we’re hosting a Campaign Coordinator for the upcoming governor’s race and having someone in the house is just throwing me off.

Regardless, here are some other cool things I’ve picked up this week: