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Thoughtful print and web pieces for any size project.

About El Copeland Designs

El Copeland Designs’ one focus is YOU.  Over the past 10 years, ECD has prioritized creating relatable and sustainable solutions for her clients, from universities to tiny non-profits, small businesses to side projects.

ECD boasts a variety of skills to help you see the product you dream to present customers and board members. Print, web, branding, photography, illustration…you name it and we’ll help you make it. Focus on what matters most to you and let us handle your digital and print materials.

Recent Projects


A fun lil project from the Archives. Buddy Josh Mallard brought this up a little while ago…should he rename Nerd Pops?

Re-Cycle Macon

Frankly, whenever I get a call from Eric Mayle (or anyone at Centenary) I literally say ‘yes’ before I’ve heard the whole pitch. CCMI and Centenary are run by a group of beautifully vision-driven people who are constantly working to create a better community in the Middle Georgia area, and I am humbled and grateful…

Body Awareness

I’ve personally been seeing Rodger Fleming at Body Awareness Performance and Massage Therapy for a few years now. Whenever I talk about him to people, it typically starts with “Listen. Rodger is magic.” or some variation thereof. And it’s true, it’s maddening that you walk into Rodger’s office, tell him what’s bothering you, and an hour…

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